Children’s Parker Knoll original egg chair from Harrod’s

A Parker knoll egg chair fit for a Prince or Princess.

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After bidding on a Parker Knoll Egg Chair on eBay recently, I won the auction & for a bargain price. However, when the notification email hit Mason & Brotherhood’s inbox I eagerly clicked through to the link and my feeling of elation quickly turned to dread as I read the title correctly and it read “Retro Vintage Child’s swivel chair egg/statesman Parker Knoll style 1970’s”.

I now had to tell Paul that I had landed us with a children’s chair and I knew there was going to be a “blonde moment?” look.

We collected the chair and we were actually thrilled with what I had bought.

The chair has created many a conversation and hours of research into it’s origin and history. All we knew was that it had had only one lady owner and it had been bought for her when she was a little girl from Harrods in London, she had loved and cherished it until now but felt that it was time to offer it to somebody else to enjoy and love. Apart from what the original owner told us we kept drawing a blank as we research through google.

Paul Mason (Master Upholsterer) persevered and this weekend had a breakthrough, he found out it is an original Parker Knoll prince/princess chair that was made in the 1960’s and 1970’s using a fibreglass frame and remnants from the full sized statesman and egg chairs.

We are thrilled to be able to restore this chair but with a different WOW factor! The size of it enables us to easily take it to fairs, exhibitions and clients to demonstrate our quality and creative work. 

This fabric is a little teaser as to the fabric chosen to recover the little Princess/Prince chair. Watch this space for updates.

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